Mini Project: Winter Neverland

During the recent snowmageddons that embattled the UK I decided to shoot a mini project to try out some different techniques and visual style. 

The essay explores fictional place of Neverland combined with the concept of a Winter Wonderland, the existence of both may be questioned.  Both Neverland and a winter wonderland have aspects grounded in reality, but also occupy the dream world. They are both subjective places with their perfections based solely on the individual that occupies those realms. 


For this essay I broke away from my usual practice to produce something that was a bit more conceptual and dream like. I have been researching work by Rinko Kawauchi and was inspired by her latest work Halo. It lead me to explore ideas of fictional and semi-fictional narratives. Despite being aesthetically different I found Jack Latham's "Sugar Paper Theories", 2016 an interesting way to explore a narrative that is boarders on both real and fictional. Whilst the lenscratch section on narrative photography has given me some ideas to explore with my practice.  I was particularly interested in Amani Willett's "The Disappearance of Joseph Plummer", which like Latham's project explores a story with its narrative firmly split between fiction and non fiction.  Willet is described as creating a "visual screenplay", this concept interests me as I have a background in film production.  

With Winter Neverland, 2018, I was exploring how dreamscapes shift into reality. 


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