Mini Projects from Singapore and Vietnam

Building on my recent research into Japanese photography I came across an approach which feeds directly into the way I shoot and that approach is Diacritic photography. At first I looked at this in relation to Japanese photography in which it was certainly one of the most popular approaches with provoke photographers (Ono and Principe, 2017).  On researching the term I was taken with the work of Jacob Aue Sobol, who's work, although based in Documentary, is looser in its approach.  I will keep this in mind whilst I am travelling in Singapore and Vietnam.

Image by Jacob Aue Sobol, from the book With and Without You (2016) 

Image by Jacob Aue Sobol, from the book With and Without You (2016) 


In a slightly different approach to my normal wandering and recording I have formulated some ideas that I will look to explore whilst on the trip, to see if my work translates with slightly tighter narrative and thematic constraints. 

The first project will look to investigate the relationship between our memories of a place and the place itself.  My partner, Sian, spent six years in SIngapore when she was younger, but has not been back for over 20 years.  I am interested in what her memories of the place will be and how that will effect both our interactions with Singapore as a place and a memory. 

The second project is a bit looser at the moment, but will based around the Vietnamese legend Why Ducks Sleep Standing on One Leg, Vietnamese culture has its roots buried deep in agriculture and animals feature heavily in the myths and legends of the country.  This may form the basis of this project, but I am being flexible on the details.  

I am hoping the resulting projects will form the basis of my work in progress portfolio.  


Ono, H. and Principe, A. (2017). The Diaristic Approach in Traces of a Diary: An Interview with Andre Principe. A/Fixed, (1), pp.7-8.